User Manual


The accelerometer can measure acceleration and time. Using the time and the acceleration it can calculate and display: The mass of the object can also be input, the accelerometer can then also display:


Before the accelerometer can be used for measurements it has to be calibrated and adjusted. Adjustment is done by keeping the accelerometer vertical and rotating the accelerometer slowly 360 degreedes so that each axis is subjected to +-1g.

For extra adjustments the local g-force can be input in terms of m/s2. Default is 9.82m/s2. As the precision from the ADXL is limited no adjustment of the g-force value is usually necessary.

Calibrated values will be stored in the EEPROM.


The accelerometer can be set to measure in a varity of different modes.


Current acceleration, speed and distance is displayed. RESET sets time and distance to zero.


Measures the time from 0 km/h to 100 km/h. RESET resets time and distance and enables the measurement. Time is started when speed is above 0.5m/s and stopped when 100km/h is reached.


Quarter Mile

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